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Welcome to our website!
Welcome to Foshan Leader Chemicals Co., Ltd.

Foshan Leader Chemicals Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in a variety of new environmentally friendly flame retardant research and development, production and management company. Since its inception, relying on advanced technology, first-class technical talent, and actively with the domestic first-class universities and research institutes to cooperate, innovate, develop a series of products for market demand for outstanding corporate plastic, rubber and other industries to provide most professional fire-retardant technology solutions.


Currently, the company has been formed, including brominated flame retardants, nitrogen phosphorus, inorganic flame retardants and other products, including plastics, rubber, adhesives, electronics and other industries to provide a large number of product support. The company is working with overseas companies conduct extensive cooperation flame retardants, and actively explore new flame retardant mechanism, the development of new flame retardant products.[ More ]

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